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Why I call the “Golden Moutza” the “Eat Shit” award.

“In the Greek-speaking world, there is another obscene gesture — the moutza — which takes on the the role of the taboo obscenity. The moutza is performed by pushing an open palm, with fingers stiffly spread, toward the face of the victim. To a non-Greek, it looks similar to an ordinary ‘hand-repel’ gesture saying ‘go back, go back,’ but in Greece it has an ancient history dating from Byzantine times, where it originated as a gesture symbolizing the thrusting of feces into the face of a chained criminal who was being paraded through the streets.” — from “Gestures, Their Origins and Distribution” by Desmond Morris et. al., 1979)

Then again, the “Golden Moutza” might also be called the “Fuck You!” award based on this image from “Rude Hand Gestures: 10 Offensive Signs Around The World.”

So take your pick, I guess.